EPIC Hybrid Training consists of eight different fitness classes along with the EPIC Obstacle Run for the OCR enthusiasts. All classes have a range of 5-8 unique circuit stations that utilize EPIC movements.


Workouts are reprogrammed every 4 weeks with different EPIC movements to ensure enough time to see progress as you can take a specific class at least 4 times each month, but also ensure new and exciting workouts each month.


If you have any other questions or would like additional information, please contact us or view our fitness catering page for more information on group/special events.

Steady Burn

This class consists of movements that are exciting and for all levels. Get ready for a fast paced fitness adventure programmed for beginners through advanced that will ``BURN`` a hefty substantial amount of calories while learning exhilarating fitness movements....Be prepared to SWEAT!!!


The Grynd, one of our toughest classes, is a total body endurance interval workout that will challenge both you- body and mind! These longer circuits will test your strength, skill and resilience in the ultimate fat-burning HIIT workout.Think you're a total bad-ass? Then check out our extended version!


The blast is our high octane conditioning class! This cardio HIIT class will push you to sprint, jump & crawl, all while developing power, agility and speed.

Tone and Power

Working with Kettle Bells helps to develop athletic strength and power while keeping heart rates sky high! In this total-body weight training class you choose the outcome! Opt for lighter weight and more reps for a lean, toned look or crank up the weight to put on muscle, shred fat and build all-around strength. We work on the standards; compound and aesthetic lifts to build a foundation of strength for the rest of our classes.

Dynamic Core

The best athletes know how to use their core! In our approach to core training we'll tackle your midsection from every angle with a variety of resistance. No crunches here! We combine our mat-work with inversions, hanging exercises and explosive movements that require the support of a strong and active core.


This class “combines” the different timing schemes and movements from our diverse EPIC classes to provide an all-inclusive EPIC experience! This is a great introductory class to sample the entire EPIC arsenal of different movements, and to work on a wide variety of skill sets as you progress with our program.

Versaflex (EPIC Yoga)

Versaflex is a restorative class designed to help heal the body both mentally and physically.We take the best of yoga, mobility drills, neurological exercises and self-myofascial release to develop balance, flexibility and stability and range of motion.

Coaches Workout

This is an advanced workout in which zero instruction is given. The workout will be posted on the board. Each participant is required to do their best to complete the workout with minimal modifications. NOTE: The coaches will be exercising with you and they will be pushing the intensity concerning this workout. NOT FOR BEGINNERS.

EPIC Obstacle Run

For all the endurance-junkies and outdoor enthusiasts, we've created a class that brings the intensity of our famous indoor classes mixed with the innate natural challenges of training outdoors. Classes are constantly varied and may include carries, climbs, traverses and oh yes, did we mention running? These classes are seasonal and weather dependent.

Run Highlights

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