EPIC Frequently Asked Questions

What is EPIC Hybrid Training?

Our “Hybrid” strength and conditioning program blends a mixture of cutting edge workout philosophies. The EPIC program maximizes different training techniques while helping each member attain his or her personal goals. The combination of HIIT training, Full-Body mobility movements, Obstacle Race Skill sets, Goal Specific programing and much more takes our training program to the next level. We cap each class with attendance to maintain a semi-private class culture.

If you’re looking to lose weight, increase muscle mass, or are rehabbing injuries, this program is for you. This program is for beginners to advanced fitness enthusiasts.

How often can I attend class?

Our standard monthly membership is unlimited, but we also offer basic memberships at 3x a week and 10-class packs. You can read more on our memberships here.

How do I sign up?

You may sign up by visiting the schedule/sign up page or you can download the EPIC mobile app for your Apple or Android device.

How much does a membership cost?

You can see our class packages that are available for you here.

Can I try a class without a membership?

We offer drop-in classes for $35 each. These are perfect for those who would like to jump into a class to see what its like before dedicating to a membership program, as well as a trial week of unlimited classes for $60.

Are there any sign up fees?

We don’t believe in sign-up fees. Only showing up and giving it your all.

I am out of shape. Is this for me?

Each exercise within our classes are specifically designed to accommodate a wide range of fitness levels. Our coaches are here to help guide you through the exercises as you need help or to challenge your further once you’ve mastered the exercise. We welcome everyone from beginners to advanced.

I travel frequently. Is there a membership for me?

Yes!  We offer packages for those that cannot attend class on a regular schedule.  These are classes that you can attend at your convenience.

No one has answered my phone call or email.

If we have not gotten back to your phone call, please send us an email through our contact form.

If we have not gotten back to your email, we will! You are likely to hear back via email first, so please be sure to use the contact form. We are very friendly, so don’t be afraid to ask questions, but if you have not heard back after 3-4 days, we ask you just reach back out (and we’ll do burpees for this).

Get in EPIC shape anytime, anywhere with the EPIC 28 app!

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